Jinhua energy-saving boiler steam generator

Jinhua energy-saving boiler steam generator

  • Thermal Fluid versus Steam - AB&CO

    Sigma Thermal offers a unique option for indirect steam generation that utilizes high-temperature hot oil and a customized heat exchanger. In facilities that have several high-temperature users and that plan to use a hot oil system in addition to steam, the need for a separate fuel-fired boiler can be eliminated. This configuration can also be advantageous areas that may not require licensed staff for operation due to …Learn More

  • Pableo Bulac - Operations Superintendent - FDC Misamis

    Commissioned the Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler and Steam Turbine-generator through commercialized, run-up/start-up and shutdown in a safe & effecient manner of the main equipment components and facilities in including associated auxiliaries equipment's of the Power Plant in every specific plant unit of the (3 X 82 Mega-watts) of the 246MW Learn More

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    Aug 15, 2021 · The impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global market for Marine boiler and steam turbine generator are not equal – different regions and countries have been affected in different ways. The path to recovery varies and the issues and opportunities faced by Marine Boiler and Steam Turbine Generator in the market depend on different… Continue reading Includes – Market.bizLearn More

  • Martee Munoz - Chief Turnaround Maintenance Planner

    >> Facilitate conctracting of Steam Generator turnaround… >>Responsible for the development of the complete turnaround plans for the refinery Steam Generators/Boilers and apputenances. >>Gathers data and information to establish work list in coordination with all concerned Refinery sections and prepares resources (materials, manpower and Learn More