What are the hidden safety hazards of gas boilers

What are the hidden safety hazards of gas boilers

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    Pendant SH - Tubes suspended vertically, usually for radiant SH's, located at the top of the furnace Horizontal SH - Tubes run horizontal, normally in a duct, Convection SH's are often horizontal type Integral - Are a part of the boiler setting and an integral part of a boiler or steam generator Separately Fired - Located in a dedicated furnace and independent of steam generator operating Learn More

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    Fouling in steam generators designed based on traditional boiler principles (ASME and EN power boiler standards) however is a mistakenly applied factor for two simple reasons: Firstly, the HTF is not heated but cooled in the steam system. When high temperature HTF enters the steam generator, the heat reacts with water and converts it into steam.Learn More

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    The active components of Cetamine® products are volatile and protect the whole water/steam cycle. Investigations in a triple pressure Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) proved the presence of the protective Cetamine®-film both water and steam touched surfaces including high-pressure evaporators, reheaters, and low-pressure turbine cylinders.Learn More

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    Dual action amines provide corrosion protection from corrosion and fouling for a steam generator system and distillation tower of a petroleum or petrochemical refinery. These amines are chosen to provide protection for the steam condensate section of the boiler while simultaneously minimizing amine salt fouling and corrosion problems in the crude distillation tower and overhead condensing Learn More