The principle of central heating boiler plumbing

The principle of central heating boiler plumbing

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    The Clayton Steam generator uses only three main components and these have been specially designed for the purpose. The boiler feedwater is pumped by means of a specially designed Clayton Pump that forces the water through the Clayton single continuous helical heating coil. From the outlet of the coil the stream is directed to a high efficiency Learn More

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    When the coil tube boiler is operating, the pump supplies continuous feedwater to the helical coil heat exchanger where heat is transferred from the combustion products to the feedwater. Feedwater flow counters the flow of the combustion gases. This contributes to the high fuel-to-steam efficiency of the Clayton Steam Generators. The amount of feedwater flow varies relative to the firing rate of the unit. This makes the steam …Learn More

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    Clayton Steam Generator once-through, forced-flow, water tube boilers (coil tube boiler) use a steel helical coil heat exchanger. All fired and unfired steam generators (heat recovery/waste heat) contain a helical coil heat exchanger, a positive displacement feedwater pump and a mechanical steam separator .Learn More